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A quite time ago I was involved in the design of architecture one mobile app which was based on the AngularJS 1.6 framework. I've created and supported some tools and plugins for Apache Cordova technology during this work. About one of these tools I've already written in my previous post:

In this post, I'd like to talk about another helpful plugin: cordova-plugin-native-spinner.


Actually I've forked this plugin from ravi013/cordova-plugin-spinnerdialog which was originally forked from Paldom/SpinnerDialog. But developers of these plugins seem to have decided not to support these repos. So I've forked them and merged PRs which were stuck in review status quite ago.

I appreciate the open-source community. A lot of good stuff came from these PRs. So I've decided to write about this plugin in Ionic. Since their framework is defacto main framework for Hybrid Mobile App development. And I was super excited that they approved my plugin and made the as default plugin for Native Spinner in Ionic Framework.

P.S: Feel free to send new PRs I appreciate it and do review everyone.


Latest stable release:

Current state from git:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-native-spinner
cordova prepare

Happy using native plugins in your mobile apps! ✌🏼