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Frontend DTO Challenge

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Recently I've been working on some kinda coding assesment "challenge". The task already includes server side code based on NodeJS and Socket.IO and it requires to implement ReactJS app which will gets data from server and renders it in proper way.


    "id": "f3a68285", 
    "event_name": "COMPLETED", 
    "price": 7026,
    "item": "fries",
    "customer": "Anthony Cooper",
    "destination": "31508 Cook Groves Apt. 457, Cooperberg, MA 94003",

My solution

I've used create-react-app with TypeScript just to create dummy React App from the scratch.

Working with Socket.IO from React App

Its pretty simple to use it. Just put some lines of code to your root App component

import io from '';

function App() {
  const [socket, setSocket] = useState(null);

  useEffect(() => {
    const newSocket = io(`http://localhost:4000`);
    return () => newSocket.close();
  }, [setSocket]);
export default App;

General State Management Idea

I've choosen to work react hooks for state menagement. And in particular I've used these ones across my app:

So the common idea is to create custom OrderContext just to make state management easier across main components.

The main components actually are:

  1. App.js - have tableReducer for managing data in table UI which comes from service. It has 2 methods
  2. add - for inserting data to table
  3. search - for searching data which are already in table and coming from service via as well.
  4. Orders.tsx - component needs for rendering data which comes from server in UI. It listens order_event from socket and saves data in state for further converations. Also it calls convertCentsToDollar method for cents --> dollar convertation.
  5. SearchInput.tsx - component dispatch search event with search payload to OrderContext where reducer from App.js do remaining work.

How to update already existed data on the page?

I've solved this problem by using Map() ES6. All logic exists in add action of tableReducer in App.js:

case 'add': {
  for (let i = 0; i < action.payload.length; i++) {
    if ([i].id)) {[i].id).id, action.payload[i]);
    } else {[i].id, action.payload[i]);

  return {
    data: new Map([].map((o) => {
      return [o[0], o[1]];


Feel free to check code and fork it on my github order-data-challenge

Happy working on your ReactJS app with Socket.IO! ✌🏼