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How to make your JS code faster just adding some parenthesis?

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I've already wrote how I've done JS app faster in some previous posts:

And in these posts I've also introduced one thing which makes our app faster then ever. This tool is optimize-js created by Nolan Lawson.


I will not to describe this tool a lot here, because it's already good done by author on github.

Just want to mention that this tool just wrap all immediately-invoked functions or likely-to-be-invoked functions in parentheses what is do a great optimization a JavaScript file for faster initial execution and parsing (based on my experience).

The performance of application where I've introduced optimize-js improved on 20% in a common (tested in Chrome and IE11).

Why it happens?

Is it maintaining now?

Unfortunately, no:

Maintenance note ⚠️ This project is unmaintained. I consider it an interesting experiment, but I have no intention to keep updating the benchmark results with every new browser release, or to add new features. I invite folks to keep using it, but to be aware that they should heavily benchmark their own websites to ensure it's actually a significant performance improvement in their target browsers. (c) Nolan Lawson

So I believe that someone will find this post helpful for yourself and oneday will contribute to this awesome tool! Repo are waiting for its hero!

P.S.: More my posts about perf improvements you can find tag: #performance

Happy improving your js code perf! ✌🏼