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How we have validated the theory of 6 handshakes (six degrees of separation) via social network?

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Couple days ago we've presented our application for big data contest (battvelon like mix of 2 words "battle" & "akvelon") which was held in our company. On this contest we've took 2nd place with our application for russian social network Here I would like to describe what was the purpose for developing this app and how we've done it.

The main idea of contest was to develop application which worked with big data. Also I had an idea to implement some app for social network before.


The idea of our application is to answer on question are there any connections between two people or not? We've decided to make an assumption to based on one famous theory that all people around the world are friends with no more than 6 handshakes or between each other in chain row. More about this theory you can read on Wikipedia. Also we could try to investigate this theory practically with our app.


Before implementing our app we've investigated competitors and found some them:

So we have to make our app better than these 4. So, ready! Set! GO!

Tech stack


The main idea of algorithm which we've used in our app is "divide and conquer".

So as you can notice on each step we are dividing our search in depth. And trying to find connections between friends of friends. As result the connections search takes just 2 seconds. Our competitors have the same result for 5-15 seconds.

More clearly you can see this in the presentation.


Six Handshakes Theory from Alex Filatov

App Link

Actually I believe that this app could be ported to facebook too, and may be in one day I will do it.

Happy socializing! :v: