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Actually I would write this post as soon as repo awesome-it-films will reached 100 stars on Github. But I missed this moment...

Instead of it I woke up one day and as usually went to my github profile just for checking and do some my stuff there. And what could I see... Awesome-IT-Films repo just got 300 stars for one day.

And for now I still didn't realize how it happens. Just only one day before it was 59 stars. Repo just increased 5x stars per night. I started to investigate some sources which my repo got users came from.

I would to appreciate this guy which is twitted my repo in their twitter with more 1k followers.

It could be happens a big start to this explosive growth.

For now at March 18 repo already reached more than 600 stars on Github and this is most popular repo on my account at this moment. So now people came from some of topics like: tv-series, tv-shows, movie-collection, geeks on Github where this repo placed on the top of the list.

I would like to thank you everyone who starred it.

So, what for now? I changed license to Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal and waiting approval of my PR on awesome list by @sindresorhus.

What I learned form it? Just keep doing what you love and love what you doing. Sooner or later your work will be appreciated. :v: