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Yandex browser - it's need or not?

YandexBrowser YaC2012 Chromium english

Yandex.Browser with a full set of features designed specifically for the English-speaking users will be released soon. (с) yandex_browser_logo Not so early, Yandex company on yours conference is YaC 2012 presented the Yandex browser 1.0. Let's show it inside.

The engine of this thing is open source browser Chromium. Some intresting, that Some sites detected that it's 19 version of google chrome, but at the moment of this post Google Chrome has version. String of search find in Yandex on default. So, already we have some Google and some Yandex. "Yeah.. Not enough Opera" - thinking guys from Yandex and added Turbo technology by Opera. It's mix equals to Yandex browser. Some people have a nick "Stringy" for the specific logo.

And we can see a mix of modern technology. Therefore, on my mind it's "discovered bicycle" (it is russian flying phrase). At the first time, we can't see new many features. Of all proposed here, I would single out only the following:

And so on, I think that guys from Yandex must have hard working on this thing, and may be some version their have a fortune.