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How to do everything and do not forget anything?

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In our days we have to remember tons of information: from job, family, personal. There are huge amount of information we getting from internet. That's really great to keep training your memory and in fact that human brain could remember everything. But sometimes we can't remember some important thing which could be very urgent on that moment. So in this case we've put some tasks from our memory to paper. Just let our brain to be free out of some works. This is pretty cool, but what if you will lost your paper or will forgot to bring it with you.

Today we are all have smarphones, smart watches and all another kind of smart devices. And there are lot of applicatioons of them. So one of them are named like to-do list. This type of applications which allows you to put all your affairs to the app and forgot about it until app will not remind you about it in the future. This is really cool thing. And in this post I'd like to talk about them.

Actually you could find lot of them just by request in google: to-do apps. And actually all of them doing the same work. I'm using only 2 of them and that pretty enough for me.


Good app for saving a big blocks of information. In this app you can save a whole webpages or write your thoughts about everything. They support a good structure for your things. You can create a multilevel nested structure of folders with lot of notes inside on them.

I'm using this app mostly for saving a big chunks of information like: good ideas from websites, my thoughts and notes.


This app doesn't allow to store a big notes but from another hand it's very helpful for us. It helps us do forget nothing. App has a pretty cool extensions for popular web browsers. I'm using Chrome extension and iOS app. Here I just put all my things about my project ideas, routines work and even auto-pay info about some stuff from my credit cards. In fact I've also added to the app my thoughts about this post and as you can see I didn't forget to write it :). This app has a nice mechanism of repetitive tasks at specified intervals and its super useful. If you borrow from somehow some money just put info in the app and be sure that you will have not to justify why you forgot to return the money back.

I would be very grateful if you will share in comments what to-do apps are you using for?

Happy to-doings! :)