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How to make your blog grow fast (1000 visitors per day)?

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Yesterday this blog has reached out 1k visitors per day! And I'm super excited about it.

I've started to write on this blog on December 2012. But only now I've got these numbers. For this time I've migrated from blog engines and even wrote the post in Russian about migration from Blogger to Octopress. But now this blog is based on my own blog engine. I've created it by myself. So in this way, it helps me to test my coding skills and new ideas. And also it gives me more ideas about what I can write here.

So in this post, I'd like to share some of my advices about how I achieve 1k visitors per day. Some hints are below. I'm not going to put these ideas into a specific order. Because I'm not an SEO professional I don't know what every of this advice has an impact on the common result. All these things just my researches and observations.

Also, I'd like to note that at this moment I do not spend any cents on advertising my blog. May be in future I will, but now I do not any plans on that. So in this post, I will not talk about how to use ads channels for engaging your website popularity.

Write posts which is interesting for you

I think this is one of the most important things which you should follow.

Don't post just for post anything. That's actually trivial advice I think. But it really works for me. Actually one of my post which I've written about half a year ago still give almost half of the traffic for this blog now. Write about things what really helped you someday. Keep in mind if it helps you, so it helps somebody else too. Just write about it and share!

Don't let your ideas be forgotten

A lot of things happens around us. And you can make a post almost each of them. Just save them on the paper or in the digital cloud. That's actually doesn't matter. Just save them! As per me, I'm using todoist for it.

Write in english

When I've started this blog my first posts were in Russian, because it's my mother language and it's easier for me to write on it. Also, I've aware that people will not understand me. But if you travel more you will notice that a lot of people speaks in English and for most of them, this is not a mother language. They are making a lot of mistakes, but at least they are trying and that's a good thing. So once I've decided to write posts here only in English. It's like a challenge for me. But that's a good challenge because I've got a lot of profits from it.

Avoid orthographic errors

Try to keep your blog posts out of any type of errors. Read posts before publishing them.

Be unique

Try don't copy or rephrase any other posts from the internet. Be the unique person with your experience which you could share with others. Of course, it's hard to be unique nowadays. But if you do something do it in your ways.


Some of the common SEO advices which I'm personally using on this blog.

Make it fast

Now, most popular search engines ranked websites based not only on their popularity but also on their quality. So then your website loads faster than it has a higher rank.

Keep it simple

Almost the same thing here. Don't waste user time for finding something by what they come to your website. Keep your interface as simple as it is possible.

Post regularly

I know that this is a tough thing by myself. But keeping your blog regularly up-to-date is a good effect on search results of your blog in search engines. Your regular posts literally say search engines that this blog is alive and please keep an eye on me.

I'm trying to write new posts twice a month.

Avoid code errors and exceptions

Keep in mind to check your blog on HTML/JS/CSS errors.

Use links wisely

Try to use nofollow links where it actually needed.

nofollow is a value that can be assigned to the rel attribute of an HTML a element to instruct some search engines that the hyperlink should not influence the ranking of the link's target in the search engine's index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of internet advertising because their search algorithm depends heavily on the number of links to a website when determining which websites should be listed in what order in their search results for any given term.

More about them you can find on wikipedia

Use SEO Tools

I'm using This website provides a lot of SEO tools and advices regarding improving your website visibility in search engines.

Check your rank

I'm using Alexa Rank. Alexa also has their own extensions for most popular browsers which is I would install to everyone who would monitor Alexa Rank. You can find toolbar on their official website.

Use metrics

I believe that installing metrics code from popular search engines are a good effect for your website. So I'm using:

Social networks

Use social networks for engaging visitors on your website. I think then more networks you will use than better. But I'm using only my personal twitter account.


I wouldn't advise getting some money while your website didn't reach 1k visitors per day. But if you still decide to add it to your blog I've put some thoughts about the advertisement below.

At first content not ads

Users come to your blog for content. Most of them don't like to advertise and some of them even hate it. If you add some ad banners to your blog keep them clean. Ads should be a good fit for your blog theme. Avoid popups and other annoying things.

Keep balance

Don't put a lot advertise on your blog pages. That's will negatively affect your SEO rank and will scare your users away. As I notice that the pretty enough 3-4 ad banners on the page. Try to keep this number.


Hope I don't forget anything. :) Feel free to share some thoughts and considerations in comments.

Happy blogging! ✌🏼