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Netherlands life. Kinderdijk - The City of mills

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We got to Kinderdijk accidentally. We approached just in time for the departure of the steamer from Rotterdam - to sail for only half an hour (and another half hour and you can sail to the neighboring city - Dordrecht # nano-country).

Kinderdijk mill 1

Earlier in the Netherlands there were a lot of mills of various types - for pumping water, grinding cereals, sawmills... There is not much left - most of it burned out (when trying to stop the blades, a spark can be struck from the friction of wood against wood). They were replaced by modern windmills.

Kinderdijk mill 2

Kinderdijk is the largest cluster of old mills. They stand along the canals, and people still live in them and the mills are still working!

Kinderdijk mill 3

Rotterdam is even more beautiful in summer. Everything is buried in greenery, many different waterfowl swim in the canals, which are quite interesting to watch.

Rotterdam bridge

Happy Kinderdijk visiting! ✌🏼