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Crystal Mountain Resort in mid-September

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In mid-September, we managed to catch the last warm days, and the cable car on Mount Crystal, which is closed before winter. It's about a two-hour drive from Seattle to get there.

Crystal Mountain Panorama, WA

I even caught some fidelity - as if we had arrived at Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi. The same green mountains, a cable car with closed cabins, although there will be more in Polyana :) The cable car rises to a height of about 2100 m in 12 minutes, and from above there is already a breathtaking view of the Rainier volcano. There were a few clouds, later they covered almost the entire peak.

Crystal Mountain Resort 1, WA

Crystal Mountain Resort 2, WA

There are folding chairs at the top - you can sit and just admire among the birds and chipmunks rushing right under your feet. The Belaya River flows below. There are a lot of chipmunks here - after all, there is still a restaurant on the top where you can sit warm and see the mountain peaks on the other side of the top - from that side a couple of years ago lightning struck the slope, and some of the trees burned down, and they are still being restored...

Crystal Mountain Resort, WA

Crystal Mountain Resort Chipmunk, WA

We had 2 options down - go down on foot - it's 3 hours along a rocky path, or take a leisurely walk along the top and go down in the same way, on a gondola. We chose the second option and climbed a little on the nearest hill. In winter, a spa resort is also open here. According to reviews, the slopes here are more interesting than in Snoqualmie - yes, we see it anyway, only it takes us 40 minutes to drive to Snoqualmie along a wide highway, and here it takes 2 hours along a single-lane mountain road. In any case, we will return here again - at least to go down on foot from the mountain.

Crystal Mountain Resort Chipmunk 2, WA

Crystal Mountain View, WA

P.S. Chipmunks here are not afraid of people at all - obviously, they are already used to it, and even pose a little for a photo :)

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Happy Crystal Mountain Resort visiting! :v: