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Road trip Northwest Coast. Day 3/10. Redwood National Park. Walkins in small and cozy town Eureka

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At the coast, the road is very winding, with frequent turns of 180 degrees, with unexpected exits to the rocky coast and views of the ocean beach... It was the craziest road in my entire life. Add to the serpentine: heavy fog, rain in places, and on the 2nd and 3rd days we were driving along it late in the evening, especially the 2nd - when we were driving for 10 hours... 🤪

Travel time: 5 hours, 220 miles (350km) Total: 22 hours, 1120 miles (1800km)

Redwood Forest, CA

All the way passed through the Redwood National Park (California). It looks very mystical, especially with fog and rains, which we got into. These gigantic sequoias, going up into the air, which probably cannot be grasped even by three! The girth of such trees is from 3 to 7 meters in diameter, and they are up to 115 meters high!

Redwood Forest, CA

The so-called Cathedral trees grow there - they look as if several trunks come out of almost one place, and in the middle there is a free space - a kind of altar. Wedding ceremonies take place inside one of these trees several times a year!

Cathedral tree

Tree with hole

Another example is a candelabrum tree, when an old tree falls, seeds fall on its trunk and new trees sprout out of it, like candles.

Candelabrum tree

Another attraction is a tree, 3 thousand years old, through the trunk of which you can drive a car. But in reality, the tree is essentially supported by ropes, otherwise it would have fallen a long time ago... the asphalt road has also drifted a little, and although the tree is still alive (there are living branches with leaves), it is unclear for how long it will take...

Trunk tree

Along the main road, the Alley of Giants runs through the park. This is a narrow, slightly winding road, and when you drive along it, it feels like you are in a fairy tale! I really want to come back here during sunny weather, it will look completely different...

Eureka, CA

In fact, this road, together with a city called Eureka, is very much reminiscent of the series of the same name. According to his plot, the town was in Oregon, but it is not far. The city itself is a classic one-story America, but the “old” city is pretty cute, complete with a promenade and original buildings.

Happy road trippin'! :v: