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Lavender fields in Sequim, WA

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In mid-July, lavender, of various kinds, reaches its peak of bloom, and before its harvest, farms organize festivals. In essence, people just come, take pictures with flowers, can collect a bouquet, listen to a short story and presentation about the farm and the collection / processing of lavender, and buy cosmetics / souvenirs on the same topic.

boat Sequim, WA

lavender in Sequim, WA

A large accumulation of such fields, where we moved, are located... near Port Angeles - which means we are sailing on the ferry again :) If anyone is afraid of bees / bumblebees - it’s better not to approach the fields, there are crowds of them :) But they are busy with their own affairs, and on people basically ignored. Some varieties of lavender are brighter, some are duller, but with a more pronounced smell.

Lavender fields in Sequim, WA

Lavender 2 in Sequim, WA

While we were there - the farm was preparing for the wedding - straw bale chairs, lavender tassels... it must be very beautiful and fragrant!

Lavender fields

Happy Sequim visiting! :v: