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Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival

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Mukilteo - half an hour by car from Seattle.

Mukilteo Lighthouse, WA

We have already visited here, but the lighthouse was not available for visiting. This time - we got to the festival dedicated to this small lighthouse. But first we went for coffee, and this place seemed just magical.

Mukilteo Red Cup Cafe, WA

Mukilteo Red Cup Cafe 2, WA

The sun came out, you could sit quietly on the street and enjoy the riot of greenery, it reminded some kind of south - everything is green, the sea below and mountains are visible. It's very cozy and quiet here, especially compared to Seattle, where there are a lot of homeless people and plagues. It's like Amsterdam vs the Netherlands.

Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival, WA

So here is the lighthouse. His lantern has been glowing non-stop for 113 years! Its lenses are original, built in Paris in 1852, and it only switched to electricity (from coal) in 1927, and automated in 1979. Like any lighthouse, this one has a unique code - 2 seconds of light, 3 seconds of pause . It looks especially cute, especially since it is the lowest in the states - only 12 meters, but its light is visible on a clear night for 15 kilometers!

Mukilteo beach, WA

Mukilteo Ferry Terminal, WA

In general, festivals here are mostly tents with food, souvenirs and all sorts of different things, as well as a concert venue. But most of all I was hooked - a contact free mini-zoo. In addition to chickens and hares, there were:

Walabi at Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival, WA

Happy Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival visiting! :v: