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Netherlands life. So different Amsterdam

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Amsterdam in the summer can be very different. It is unpredictable - one day it can be +37 by celsius (which is completely uncharacteristic), and the next morning - a refreshing rain from +22 by celsius.

Amsterdam train station

Coffee shops, red lights, parades - this is how everyone knows Amsterdam. In the afternoon, the city center is no longer crowded with tourists, the canals are filled with boats, and the streets are filled with cyclists.

Amsterdam Dam square

But only early in the morning you can see it for real, walking through the deserted streets and breathing in the fresh air filled with the scent of flowers and water. It is beautiful, there are many trees along the canals, and on the bridges there are pots of flowers. The morning bell chimes are especially welcoming, as they are not drowned out by human noise and bicycle bells.

Amsterdam channel

Amsterdam channel 2

Amsterdam channel 3

And instead of coffee shops, it is better to go to a cozy cafe next to the Old Church, sit in the attic and listen to vinyl.

Amsterdam park

This city attracts and repels at the same time, and cannot leave you indifferent

Amsterdam Amstel river

Happy Amsterdam visiting! ✌🏼