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Netherlands life. Weekend Trip to Belgium (Ghent).

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Ghent, Belgium (3 hours by bus from Amsterdam) - amazes with its architecture and history. The first mentions by the 7th century!

Ghent tower

The center is rather small, but the density of ancient buildings is great: the town hall, the castle of the Counts of Flanders, many cathedrals.

Ghent tower 2

Ghent City view

There are fewer bicycles here, but they are not as broken-down, and, it seems, do not attach so much to everything.

Ghent Castle at night

Ghent on the Castle wall

When looking at the panorama of the city, one is saddened by a very large number of cranes, typical high-rise buildings on the outskirts that stand out too much, and factories surrounding the city.

Ghent cranes

Happy visiting Ghent! ✌🏼