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Netherlands life. Time to move forward

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Our home in Amsterdam

Well, our European adventures are over. It's time to move on. We knew it would end someday, so the Western European study program was eventful. Of course, you can't cover everything in a year, but what did you manage. Thank you, old Europe, for your acquaintance!

Amsterdam at winter

We did 2 2 day tours of Amsterdam and 1 10 day tour of the Netherlands for our friends.

Amsterdam at winter 2

If you want to get to know the Netherlands, you shouldn't stay in the capital. You need to drive through Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and small port cities... The capital is very noisy, touristy, and when you go to any other city you feel some kind of calmness. Fields, herds of cows and horses... but the mountains were sorely lacking.

Amsterdam frozen channel

It's a little sad to leave, but there are many impressions, both positive and negative, so there will be something to remember...

View from our Amsterdam home

Happy Amsterdam living! ✌🏼