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Trip to Lynden. The Dutch town in Washington State

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Lynden, WA, 2 hours by car from Seattle

The city of Lynden, WA

Who would say that if you want to eat Dutch oliebollen, then you don’t need to fly 9 hours, but it’s enough to travel 2 hours through space in Canada. And 10 kilometers to the border, it develops within the village - with equal fields, but the mountains standing near the horizon still hint at where we are.

The city of Lynden 2, WA

The town is small - only 15 thousand inhabitants, where at the beginning of the 20th century many Dutch immigrants began to arrive, but now very few people speak the language of their ancestors - if there is no practice, then with generations it is simply remembered...

The city of Lynden 3, WA

Well, of course, without doors! There are even two of them - one is miniature, and the other is full-sized, with a cafe inside. By the way, at one time this city set a record for the number of churches per square kilometer and population.

The city of Lynden 4, WA

In addition to all uses, this city is convenient in that it is located next to the US-Canadian border checkpoint, where there is usually almost no queue, since it is located to the side.

The city of Lynden 5, WA

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