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Road trip Northwest Coast. Day 5/10. Silicon Valley overview - Google, Facebook, Apple, Stanford and Berkeley

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A day of Silicon Valley and famous universities. Of course, no one allowed inside the campuses, but it was interesting to walk, especially around Stanford.

Travel time: 4 hours, 125 miles (200km) Total: 31 hours, 1445 miles (2320km)

Facebook, 1 Hacker way, Menlo Park, CA

There is a Facebook symbol - "like" 👍 here, and the funniest thing is that on the back - the former Sun Microsystems sign! Despite the fact that Sun Microsystems was bought by Oracle, Facebook "squeezed" the signboard :) By the way, Sun stands for Stanford University Networks. The campus looks so-so, but a new one is being built nearby, with a garden on the entire roof.

FB Like

Stanford University, CA

It is one of the most reputable and ranked universities in the United States and is privately owned. Its territory is amazing with its scale - 33 square kilometers! At the same time, only 7000 students and 9000 graduate students study there (for example, a total of about 38 thousand people study at Moscow State University). Interesting fact: 83 Nobel laureates has been graduated from this university.

One of the attractions and the tallest building on the campus is Hoover Tower, founded by a graduate of this university, and subsequently by the President of the United States, Herbert Hoover. It is interesting that Alexander Solzhenitsyn lived on the 11th floor of the tower for some time.

Hoover Tower

The cost of training depends on the annual income of the family, and in the first year of study, all students have a common program and only then can they choose the direction in which they want to develop.

Googleplex, Mountain view, CA

It looks more interesting than a Facebook campus, but the very first buildings are also similar. Some new buildings cannot even be photographed - there are guards and watch it. Next to the google-goods store is a funny sandbox with variations of their android.

Google Plex

Apple Park, Cupertino, CA

Apple opened a new campus a year ago at 2018, and now it can hire up to 2,000 employes. The head office used to be at 1 Infinite Loop, but they were able to get out of the loop and moved to 1 Apple Park Way. They are not allowed into the campus itself, but there is a chic visitor center nearby, where you can see and play with the campus on a tablet with augmented reality - very cool!

Apple Campus

California University, Berkeley, CA

The University of Berkeley is a California State University. Among public universities, it is considered the best, and the only one who is included in the top 10 of the best educational institutions in the world. Looks simpler than a Stanford, but there are dedicated parking lots for Nobel laureates (where the bike was parked): D

Berkeley bikes

Happy road trippin'! :v: