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Summit at Snoqualmie - the most popular ski resort in Washington state

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Summit at Snoqualmie (around 1 hour by car from Seattle)

Summit at Snoqualmie mountains

This winter has revealed to us the delights of skiing. We started with training lessons - how to fasten your boots tightly, how to stand correctly, and the coach turned out to be interesting - seeing that we were surprisingly good at it (although we hadn’t skied before, only cross-country skiing and skating) - he suggested trying to bounce while riding on one leg - what else can you do in the first hours of practice :)

It fascinated us so much that from the New Year until the beginning of March, every Saturday we invariably went to ride, for the whole day. We started with very simple tracks - and it’s just the most dangerous to ride there, because there are all beginners, and there are still a lot of uncontrollable children who rush on straight skis just down the hill.

Summit at Snoqualmie ski area

With the growth of self-confidence, we began to master other slopes - most of all we liked the serpentine, riding very close to the Christmas trees (or even between;)) is very exciting!

In the end, we were already having fun, trying to bounce on bumps and ride simple figures in the snow park.

The quality of the snow was very different - in January, due to warm weather, the snow almost melted, and by the evening it turned into a skating rink. But after a snow storm in February - the snow was drop dead. It got so bad that the highway was cleared for 3 days, but the mountain trails became soft and very comfortable for descent. In early March at noon it was already +7 - +12, and the snow was already quite sticky, and we closed the season.

Summit at Snoqualmie Alpental

Of course, we still have to grow and grow - our skating is still far from ideal. But I am very pleased with what we managed to learn in just a couple of months, I hope we will not forget the acquired skills and knowledge.

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Happy Summit at Snoqualmie visiting! ✌🏼