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Twin Falls trail hike

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We did not go through it all - just a half, only to the waterfalls and back. It is 3km round trip, with an ascent of 75 meters.

Forest on the trail

Snoqualmie River, WA

The trail runs along the mountain Snoqualmie River, with fairly clear water. One of the points where you can relax on the way is on the top of the hillock, overlooking the waterfall itself, although it is a little distant and seems to be hiding behind the trees. After resting and walking as much, you can admire the waterfalls on both sides of the road, and the road itself stands, as it were, on a "shelf" between them.

If you turn away from the main path, you can look at both parts at once, the lower half is especially beautiful - it looks like a veil, and descends in gentle streams over the stones...


Before returning, we decided to go down to the river (and we decided to climb between the roots of trees ...), sit on logs and get hardened, standing in the icy water :)

Snoqualmie River, WA

Happy Twin Falls Trail hiking! :v: