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Weekend day trip to Tipsoo Lake, WA

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On the first day of summer, we decided to rush to the mountains closer to Rainier, Windows told us one lake with a green lawn and a view of the volcano...

Mount Rainer National Park Entrance

It's only 2 hours drive from Seattle. In the beginning, everything was great, but on the last kilometers we began to suspect that the beginning of June was too early and the snow turned out to be here, I forgot... The views, of course, are gorgeous around - gorges and valleys between mountain peaks, and very fresh air!

Mount Rainer, WA

Mount Rainer view, WA

Despite the fact that we were completely unprepared for a hike in the snow (all the same sneakers that survived the desert and other snowy lakes) - but it turned out quite funny. A small part of the lake had already thawed, and a drop was already moving along the shore. After sitting on a wooden bridge (connecting 2 giant snowdrifts) and rinsing our feet in icy water, at the same time we baked under the sun - it was roasting just like in summer! Having warmed up well, I even caught the spirit of walking barefoot in the snow.

Tipsoo Lake, WA

Tipsoo Lake view 2, WA

After walking around the lake (and hoping that the snow would not fall under us), we decided to go further along the same road. And she led into the void. Yes, the Evergreen State of Washington is almost half poor! The most epic thing was to see waterers for green grass between oncoming lanes of tracks in this desert area

Wenatchee National Forest, WA

Wenatchee mountains, WA

An hour and a half from the lake - and we got into +32 and the dry heat of Yakima. The region is famous for its apples, ciders and wines. wineries are often found here, we decided to go to the cider room. Having tried a little of everything, naturally, the most delicious cider was not available for sale, only in a glass. Oh, let's hope this year's harvest will not let you down!

Road to Yakima, WA

I decided to return by another road, through Ellensburg (40 minutes from Yakima). Small but very cozy town! It even reminded me a little of the old city of Yaroslavl.

Yakima building, WA

The road home - another 2 hours on the highway. It was very interesting to watch the transformation: deserted - wooded - mountains - suburbs of civilization - skyscrapers of Seattle.

Our YouTube video

Happy Tipsoo Lake hiking! :v: