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Netherlands life. Muiden and Maiderslot castle

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Muiden, Netherlands (hour by bike - 17 km from Amsterdam)

Muiden river

A small village with a population of less than 10 thousand inhabitants. There is a bridge in the city, which is "raised" by a 90-degree turn.

Maiderslot castle entrance

Maiderslot castle

Not far is the Maiderslot castle, which survived the destruction, one of the fortifications of Amsterdam, a palace-type residence with gardens, a prison and a barracks. It is now the best preserved and most restored medieval castle in the modern Netherlands.

Maiderslot castle window

Muiden river 2

Experience compactness - just 3 kilometers from Muiden - the town of Weesp. There are many channels here too.

Muiden city hall

Happy Muiden visiting! ✌🏼