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Netherlands life. Zandvoort aan zee - beach and city

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The North Sea... The first meeting took place at the end of May, near Hillegoma. It was very cloudy, and the water just cramped my legs.

Zandvoort aan zee beach

There were meetings in Ijmuiden, The Hague and Den Helder with Texel Island. But it was still cool enough.

The heat at +37° did its job, and we decided to look into Zandvoort aan zee.

Zandvoort aan zee beach 2

Half an hour by train, but the sign at the station says that this is the beach of Amsterdam :) Water +21 (maximum usually +19, ha!), Children splash near the shore, but few swim entirely. Strange people, class water! Ride more on the paddle board.

Zandvoort aan zee beach 3

The sea is very salty, you dive - and it lifts you back. You don't even have to move and completely relax - you will still be on the surface.

Zandvoort aan zee beach 4

The funnest thing is to watch the kids on the beach. They dig deep holes (with such strong metal shovels) and build dams so that the sea does not flood. National occupation :)

Happy Zandvoort aan zee visiting! ✌🏼