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Vacation in Italy (part 3)


Florence (230 km by train from Rome - 1.5h)


If you want to learn about the Renaissance - you are in local art galleries, Dante, Michelangelo, da Vinci lived here ... Love Tuscan wines - in cafes / restaurants. Want to visit places from the Inferno movie - the baptistery, and not only. If you want to buy original leather goods, go to local shops.


This city attracts a lot of people. Its main celebrity is the Basilica of the Duomo Cathedral. 463 steps and you're at the top of the Dome. On the way, you can admire the frescoes and dimensions of the Dome. But it was built completely differently from all the other Domes of that time! Without any support from the ground in the form of forests, but only due to physics and a special egg-shaped inner and outer Dome. From the top you can see the sea of ​​tiled roofs, the hills surrounding the city and you don't want to go down at all)) Nearby there is a bell tower (414 steps), from where you can look at the cathedral and the Dome closer.

Duomo Tower

Duomo 2

The only sadness is that all the interior decoration of the cathedral was taken to a nearby museum.

The neighboring hill offers a postcard view of the entire city. There is also a bridge with houses - some of them are even propped up with stick piles resting on the same bridge. And how is it not scary that it will not stand it? :)

View from the hill

Ponte Vecchio

Happy Florence visiting! ✌🏼