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Vacation in Italy (part 2)


Rome - the eternal city.

Italians love speed, and the high-speed train is proof of that. Drive 200 km/h (from Naples) with a maximum speed of 306 km/h - it's worth experiencing :)

Rome's Colosseum

Rome is a calm city. Yes, the capital, crowds of tourists, but somehow it is calmly walking here (probably this is how it feels after Naples), eternity is felt. There is a whole area with ancient ruins. The Colosseum is somewhere more bumped up, somewhere you can see the restored one, the remains of the hippodrome, the forum, the giant palace on Piazza Venezia - everything gives food for the imagination of how it all might have looked in antiquity.

Rome's Arch

It's funny that when we wore open sweatshirts or just T-shirts, the vast majority wore thick jackets, coats, scarves, boots (sometimes knee-deep) and some hats. +17 - +20 degrees, what are you doing!

Rome's Building

And of course, gelato with a wide variety of flavors, sold on every corner, as well as prosciutto - tender pork and drier buffalo, with soft mozzarella. You can talk endlessly about Italian cuisine, you just need to try it :)

Queues, but where without them. Arriving early is still quite acceptable. We stood in line for half an hour to look through the keyhole :D the garden of the Order of Malta, Rome and the Basilica of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican are simultaneously visible in it.

Ancient Rome


The entrance to the main square of the city-state is like an airport - through the frames. In the morning there are still not so many people - only 15 minutes in line to the Basilica of St. Peter's Basilica. Of course, only hardcore - only stairs (551 pcs), the lift was abandoned.


On 2/3 of the way, you first see the inner part of the cathedral - the height is breathtaking. Subsequent staircases with a slope towards the dome make you imagine what height is under you, and this is a little scary)) but when you go to the top of the dome, you forget about it and just admire the inner courtyard of the Vatican (where they just don't let you in), with your little railway road, mail, radio station, gardens and a fountain. A view of the square itself, where crowds are already gathering, the winding river and the hills on which Rome stands - there are these steps!

Inside view of St. Peter's Basilica

Going down inside the cathedral, you are amazed at the scale and how all this was built and decorated. A significant crowd had already gathered in the street, and under the hot sun it seemed to be waiting for something. Believing our intuition and waiting quite a bit, in an open window with a hanging rug, we saw Pope Francis. He congratulated everyone on Easter and, having made the sign of the cross, blessed them.

Vatikan's Guard

Buona Pasqua!

Happy Rome visiting! ✌🏼