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Netherlands life. Vacation in Italy. Venice - city of water

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Vacation in Italy (part 5)


Venice (130 km from Bologna, 1.5 hours by train)

Bird's view

The most unusual city. Well, where else can you get to the airport by boat?

San Marco's plaza

A city without cars, buses, bicycles... just you and water. But there are gondolas and water "minibuses".

Grand canal

It is nice to get lost here in the narrow alleys and unexpectedly go to some pier or just to the water. The Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco are must-see sights, but it's no less pleasant to get away from all this hustle and bustle and stroll along the distant embankments, where locals walk in the park.


Rialto Bridge

It is a pity that Venice is sinking. Traces of flooding are visible on the walls, the hands of the canals reach out to the buildings (figuratively and in the form of an installation).

Venice hand


A wonderful ending to your vacation is to spend the sunset sitting on the promenade, with your feet down to the water, watching the scurrying boats and the waves coming towards you, and sipping a little limoncella.

limoncella bottle

Ci vediamo, Italia!

Happy Venice visiting! ✌🏼