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Netherlands life. Vacation in Italy. Napoli - the first city to visit

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Vacation in Italy (part 1)

Well, let's fly!


Naples (2 hours by plane from Amsterdam)

Napoli Vulcano


  1. Very tasty cuisine (spoiler: as elsewhere in Italy): buffalo cheese, pizza, local tomatoes.
  2. Beautiful embankment overlooking the volcano.
  3. Ancient castles, especially the "Egg" castle, overlooking the green sea, and the castle on the mountain, overlooking the city and the bay, the interior of the cathedrals - everything is quite interesting.
  4. Breakfast, prepared - like for relatives, by a local granny (the hostess of the B&B hotel), who even kissed us goodbye - it's so nice :) especially how we communicated with her, given that she almost doesn't know English, and we - Italian :D but Sasha's beard gave +100 to his understanding :D

Napoli's Castle

Napoli's streets

Napoli's streets 2


  1. The streets are very narrow, motorcyclists, cars drive according to the rules "I need to! Bibiknu now, well, everyone parted or go faster, God forbid, give way to a pedestrian!"
  2. City Central station looks not safety. It was only one place where I was feel uncomfortable and scared. Naples Central Station has two parts. The top one is for long-distance travel, it is normal that way. And the lower one is for local trains. And the second is just trash. The train cars are all painted and outlined, everything is dirty inside, there are many suspicious persons on the platform.


This is a ancient town near by Naples (30 minutes by train from Naples - although only 20 km).

The scale of the ruins of the city is amazing - you can walk slowly for more than one day, we expected much less. The city was about 800 years old when the wrath of Vesuvius fell on it ~ 2000 years ago, but even then the city was large enough, even for that time.


When you walk along the streets, among the remains of houses, the term is as if you are transported to the ancient Roman Empire. The ruts from the wheels are visible on the street stones, there are prototypes of "zebra" - tall stones for crossing the street, since the "sidewalks" were high relative to the roads, and it was more convenient for women in skirts to cross the road.

Pompeii roads

Goosebumps run from the gypsum-filled voids in the shape of people ... The city has not been completely excavated, so it is interesting to see what will happen here in a dozen or two years.

Pompeii amphitheatre

Pompeii old town

It is worth going to Naples at least for a trip to Pompeii :) and, if you are lucky with the weather, you should also visit Vesuvius, and time will remain. There are also islands and beaches nearby - Capri, Sorrento, so there is something to see there besides Naples itself.

Happy visiting Napoli! ✌🏼