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Port Townsend day trip

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Port Townsend, an hour by ferry and an hour by car

Port Townsend, WA

Along the way, we also stopped in the town of Poulsbo, which positions itself as the smallest of the cities of Kitsap County (also known as "the district") - only about 10 thousand people live here. But he showed us the place too publicized, with a claim, but in all territories - Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese cuisine... Somehow this does not support the spirit of Norway...

Port Townsend 2, WA

Port Townsend 3, WA

We liked Port Townsend a lot more. There are the same number of people, but the houses are more European and somehow more comfortable. Nearby is Fort Warden, but we only stopped at the embankment next to it, from where you can see the shore of Fort Casey, where we stopped at Whidbey Island. There is also a lighthouse - Point Wilson, but it belongs to the coast guard, so there is no access there...

Port Townsend 4, WA

Port Townsend 5, WA

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Happy Port Townsend visiting! :v: